Not your typical holiday card


The Death Row Support Project connects someone on death row with a non-incarcerated person to write letters to each other. It’s a chance to offer a friendship to someone very removed from society while providing space to get to know this person and “dispel some of the misconceptions and fears about prisons and the people locked away inside of them” (DRSP website). Although I am not currently writing an inmate, DRSP invited folks this past holiday season to send holiday cards to those on death row. I volunteered to send cards to 11 men.

This became a little practice in pen and ink, collaging and color theory - I created a unique card for each person, exploring different patterned and textured paper and found joy in various color combinations. I’m hoping these simple, hand-crafted designs brought a little more brightness to someone who might lack the warmth and connection I take for granted during the holiday season.

A little plug for DRSP - If you’re interested in participating but cannot take the time to write someone, DRSP is always accepting donations, especially of stamps!

Happy 2019! Here’s to more connecting and bridging gaps in the new year.